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  • I got a call from this number from a guy with a thick Indian accent.  He said he was in Texas.  He said my e-mail had been hacked and he got 23 calls from people saying they got spam e-mails from me.  He said they could access my bank account and he was the only one who could fix it.  I refused his help and said I would call the police.  He was very persistent and I told him I didn't trust him.  I am having no problems with my e-mail or bank account.  Be careful of these people.
    by elaine purdue - 6 hour ago
  • Yes had a call with no message left; out-of-state calls (AZ, or OR, WA, CA) to the northeast WILL NEVER BE PICKED UP as a professional can not operate out there!  Telemarkerter, trying to sell something, scams or whatever - - - SORRY!  Happy to deal with providers we have local!!!!  VT's motto; Shop or buy local!
    by Cap - 8 hour ago
  • They call everyday in the morning and again in the afternoon. This has been going on for months. Usually I let my answering machine pickup and they hang up and never leave a message. Today I answered, and after saying Hello 3 or 4 times, a guy asks "Is this... (and says my name) I reply yes, and he starts asking me if my home renovations are completed, or still ongoing. I tell him they call me everyday and how did they get my number, and is he was aware their number is 818-184-7857, and that I'm on the Do Not Call List. He said nothing after that and hung up.
    I can tell by his voice he is African American, and probably in his late 20's to 30's. This is just an estimate.
    Total a-hole telemarketers.... They call everyday 7 days a week.
    by DH - 1 day ago
  • File charges for harassment on the people.
    by American Justice - 1 day ago
  • yes dis company call me no twice more than five time a day , is really pain
    I don't want this company call me every day an any time
    by nadia - 1 day ago
  • I received a hang up call. When I called back they said that I requested some information online (which I did not). After a minor argument they agreed to take me off their lists but only after I specifically demanded they do so. Its some sort of debt consolidation advertisement.
    by Angie - 1 day ago
  • Received a Call from California supposedly, the guys name was Richard Mitchell trying to contact my wife from a company called Performance.  He would not tell me what his company does or the reason he was calling.  WTF!!!
    by Staff Sergeant - 1 day ago
  • Professional Research Consultants. They're calling to take surveys about health care in your area. I called them back asked who they were. When they told me I said "I really don't want to do anything like that" and they said o.k. and the lady took down my number and said she would tell them that. Now I just have to see I that's true or they sell my number to others!
    by Robbin - 1 day ago
  • Got a call from this #, person calling had heavy accent, so it was hard to completely understand him. Basically, he told me that I had an opportunity to get $9,000  to spend on whatever I chose to do, but I had to provide him with a card# or bank acct #, so they could transfer the funds to my acct. I told him that I don't give that type of info over the phone, and he stated that he could not transfer the funds without some type of info as to where to transfer it to.So, I gave him my pre-paid Wal-Mart Debit Card #, which has no $ on it, and I hardly ever use, since I have another debit card with the people I bank with. I felt fairly safe doing that, as they could not take what is not there. Then I was instructed to call that # back within a half hour with the money approval code that he provided me with, and speak with their rep. I think he said it would take about 45 min of my time.I didn't call back.I got another call about 30 min later, and I saw that it was the 206 area code, and it was them calling me back. I didn't answer the phone.
    by Holly - 2 day ago
  • we keep getting a call from this number meny times a day. They hang up when I answer it.Can you get them to stop.
    by Jim Dunne - 2 day ago