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  • 416-827-3883,416-827-7165,scam alert,B-FLEX sells fake computer trial software,of autodesk autocad, that stops working after 24 hours.known to sells drugs,sells fake handbags ,fake hockey and concert tickets,counterfeit Viagra , and sports jerseys. Also know to RCMP for break and entering and using computer services to stake out homes. THIS PERSON IS A REGISTER CHILD SEX OFFENDER IN ONTARIO, DO NOT LET THIS PERSON INTO YOUR HOME Caution contact MICROSOFT, RCMP & TPS if you encounter this person
    by cathy - 2 day ago
  • sdfsdsfsdsdffds
    by sdfsdfsdf - 8 day ago
  • is harassing me and making inappropriate messages to me about me. Using foul language and making treats.
    by justin - 8 day ago
  • Received a text from an apparent landline
    by Dannie - 8 day ago
  • Got a call from this number. Caller ID says Montgomery Radiology. But it wasn't.
    by anonymous - 8 day ago
  • i got message asking me to call back and i don't recognize the no
    by anonymous - 10 day ago
  • yes i am also got call from this number who is this..?
    by abc - 10 day ago
  • Caller keeps calling. Don't leave messages. Can't call back as phone is always with engaged tone. Only they can call
    by jay - 10 day ago
  • Google Hello Peter, search for Vulindlela Distributors, enough said
    by Oom Piet - 10 day ago
  • it's FDR (aka Financial Debt Recovery)
    by anonymous - 11 day ago
  • Got a text asking for pics of my gorgeous feet
    by Nancy - 11 day ago
  • This number just called, and left no message.
    by CABC - 11 day ago
  • duke u.and I have nothing to do with them.BLOCKED call.
    by george - 11 day ago
  • Craigslist scam pretending to rent a house that they do not own in Vancouver, WA. - FRAUD -.
    by Lucky - 13 day ago
  • NYU-Dating Study
    by NYU Dating Study - 13 day ago
  • Be sure to make note of any threatening statements a company makes regarding you or your situation. Quite often once they have made this mistake and you make note of it they flush their entire case down the drain. It is illegal for them to make threatening statements of any type to you or anyone concerning these matters.
    by Greg - 13 day ago
  • An important announcement from Marriot Hotels. I didn't listen to the rest
    by jakisbak - 14 day ago
  • 626-217-8047 sells sex to dirty married men & spreads AID!!!
    by Sam - 16 day ago
  • 626-217-8047 sells sex to dirty married men & spreads AID!!!
    by Sam - 16 day ago
  • 626-217-8047 sells sex to dirty married men & spreads AID!!!
    by Sam - 16 day ago

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