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  • Calls all the time; does not leave message.
    by Gale Cunningham - 12 hour ago
  • is this really a bill collector with a unknown number
    by tina - 15 hour ago
  • And me have a same problem

    I am also Saudi Arabia & I have STC mobile. Same thing happened with me, I was charged with two SMS to numbers "+447860015061" & "+447860015071"
    Please help
    STC Customer
    by Abuyoussef - 1 day ago
  • I don't recognise this number
    by mfundo - 2 day ago
  • Apollo Group is what the caller ID shows...I had my answering machine turned off (guess why).
    by JoJo - 2 day ago
  • Это кредит экспрес- коллекторы. Посмотрите передачу о них по 112 каналу- есть в интернете- и будуте знать как с ними общаться. Хреновые вымагатели.
    by nataliya - 2 day ago
  • I got a message on my cell phone from this number. the message told me Congratulations to call the number to receive my prize. I did not call the number. I came here to search the number and find out about if this is a prank/spammer. Thank you for recording this information.
    Cisslyn Ramdeo
    Trinidad West Indies
    by Cisslyn Ramdeo - 3 day ago
  • Posted a job on Craigslist and got a reply from Ashley Clark (  After several emails they wanted to me reply to This seemed different but I did. After a few days they sent me a check for $1950 and said to cash the check, $450 for me and $1500 to be sent to their art supplier: Sherry Orum 2799 W Grand Blvd., Detroit, Michigan 48202. This just did not feel right so I did some research. The check is from Textbook Recycling in Troy,ID (real Place) and the bank on check is Wells Fargo Bank, NA  Kendrick, ID (real Bank) but it was mailed from Monica Willadsen 24565 Town Center Dr., Valencia, CA (818-430-9925). So I called Wells Fargo Bank and Textbook Recycling. After may research, this is a SCAM!!!!
    by Amy-Belton,TX - 3 day ago
  • Hi,  I received a call from this  number..using unparliamentary language kindly take an severe action on this.
    by veeru - 4 day ago
  • Called two evenings in a row but hung up both times before I could pick up
    by Guest - 4 day ago